Tuesday May 25th Presentations

8:00 Welcome
Vicki Selva, MDEX Chairperson – Executive Director Michigan Defense Center
US Senator Gary Peters

8:10 Team Detroit Arsenal Leadership Panel
Moderator: Angie Lommen Program Director BAE Systems
TACOM – MG Darren Werner
PEO GCS – BG Glenn Dean
PEO CS&CSS – Andy DiMarco, Director
GVSC – Mike Cadieux, Director, Ground Vehicle Systems Center
NGCV CFT – MG Richard Coffman
ACC-DTA – Daniel Gallagher, Executive Director

9:25 Outlook/Path forward for GVSC 2021 and beyond
Mike Cadieux, Director, Ground Vehicle Systems Center

9:50 How to partner with GVSC
Mike Karaki, GVSC Domestic Partnerships Lead

10:05 OTA 201 “Consortia” The Concept, You Decide Chief, Acquisition Management Office
Dave Daniels, Chief, Acquisition Management Office

10:25 RCV Program Update
MAJ Cory Wallace, Robotic Combat Vehicle Lead, NGCV CFTLTC
Chris Orlowski, Product Manager Robotic Combat Vehicles, PEO GCS

12:25 Experimental Prototyping
Chris Ostrowski, Associate Director, Experimental Prototyping

12:35 Ground Vehicle Robotics (GVR)
Kevin Mills, Associate Director, Ground Vehicle Robotics

1:05 Ground Vehicle Power & Mobility (GVPM)
Dr. Bruce Brendle, Associate Director, Ground Vehicle Power & Mobility

1:25 Vehicle Electronics and Architectures (VEA)
Chris Mocnik, Associate Director, Vehicle Electronics and Architectures

1:45 Ground Vehicle Systems Protection (GVSP)
Wayne Beutler, Associate Director, Ground Vehicle Systems Protection

2:05 Modeling, Simulation and Software (MS2)
Jeff Jaster, Deputy Executive Director, Modeling, Simulation and Software (MS2)

2:25 Detroit Arsenal Prototype Integration Facility (PIF)
Kris Miciura, Associate Director – Project & Operations GVSC Detroit Arsenal PIF

2:45 Obsolescence Management
Steve Olevnik, DORE Team Branch Chief

3:05 Materials
Brandon Pender, Associate Director, Materials Division

3:35 Ground Systems Cyber Engineering (GSCE)
Jeff Jaczkowski, Associate Director, Ground Systems Cyber Engineering

3:55 Product Assurance & Test (PA&T)
John Stepowski, Associate Director, Product Assurance & Test

4:15 System Engineering
Dr. Jose Mabesa, Associate Director, Systems Engineering Directorate

4:35 GVSC Closing Comments
Mike Karaki, GVSC Domestic Partnerships Lead

4:50 Event Closing
Vicki Selva, MDEX Chairperson – Executive Director Michigan Defense Center

Wednesday May 26th Presentations

8:00 Welcome
Vicki Selva, MDEX Chairperson – Executive Director Michigan Defense Center

8:05 Army Contracting Command – Detroit Arsenal Opening Remarks
Mr. Dan Gallagher, Senior Contracting Official
Steve Roberts, PEO CS&CSS
Sean O’Reilly, Director, ACC-DTA

8:30 PEO CS&CSS & ACC-DTA Panel
Moderator: Steve Roberts, PEO CS&CSS
Chris Brouwer, Deputy Program Manager, JLTV, PEO CS&CSS
COL Shane Sullivan, Force Projection PEO CS&CSS
Vanita Sims, Force Projection & JLTV, ACC-DTA
Wolfgang Petermann, Transportation Systems, PEO CS&CSS
Greg Dixon, Transportation System, ACC-DTA
Dave Henderson, Acquistion Services, ACC-DTA
Michael Allen, Expeditionary Energy & Sustainment Systems (E2S2) PEO CS&CSS
Chanel De Silva, Army Contracting Command – Aberdeen Proving Grounds
Jason Bullen, Army Contracting Command – Aberdeen Proving Grounds
9:30 INSCOM/ Global Intelligence Discussion and Opportunities
John Neal, Deputy Director of Support, US Army INSCOM
Charlie Gram, Global Intelligence/ INSCOM, ACC-DTA
10:00 PEO CS&CSS Industry Panel
Moderator: Michael Clow, Field Representative, Cypress International
Mark Dickens, Chief Architectural Engineer, GM Defense
Rick Wyrembelski, Executive Vice President, Strategic Programs & Partnering, Ricardo Defense
Gary L Parker, Engineering Program Director, Cummins Inc.
Shannon Sentell, COO, Stealth Power
10:50 PEO GCS and ACC-DTA Panel
Moderator, Jeffrey Simonis, Director GS and Sustainment, ACC-DTA
David Dopp, Mobile Protected Firepower (MPF), PEO-GCS
David Marck, Main Battle Tank Systems (MBTS), PEO-GC
COL Ryan O’Quinn, Combat Systems, ACC-DTA
COL Jeffrey Jurand, Maneuver Combat Systems (MCS)
COL Timothy Fuller, Self-Propelled Howitzer Systems (SPHS), PEO-GCS
Bryan McVeigh, Mounted Armored Vehicle (MAV), PEO-GCS
Valerie Pettygrue, Infantry & Artillery Vehicle, ACC-DTA (Acting Division Chief)
LTC James Polak, Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT), PEO-GCS
Brian Corrigan, Stryker Brigade, ACC-DTA
12:00 PEO GCS Industry Panel
Moderator, Sue Tellier, President, Jetco Federal
Michael Patton, Deputy Program Manager, Stryker, General Dynamics Land Systems
Marc Gomes-Casseres, Vice President, Operations, BAE Systems, Inc.
12:30 ACC-DTA Contracting Topics
Bob Sivalelli, Contracting Guidance & Review Branch Chief
Beth Healey, Senior Procurement Analyst, DASA(P)
Bernard Rhoades, Acquisition Program Risk Management Specialist, DASA(P)

1:00 Department of Army Office of Small Business
Kim Buehler, Director, DoD Office of Small Business

1:40 TACOM Office of Small Business Program
Marie Gapinski, Assistant Director, TACOM OSBP

2:30 State of Michigan; Protect and Grow Community Meeting
Presentations and Updates from statewide defense partners


Proceeds are distributed by NDIA Michigan to support local military charities and scholarships